Ezra Brooks 99 Proof 75 CL

In January 2021, Lux Row Distillers announced the inaugural release of Ezra Brooks 99 as a new extension of the Ezra Brooks line. In years past, the Ezra Brooks lineup only had one bourbon that played in the 100+ proof category, and that was Old Ezra 7 Years 101, which was discontinued in 2018. With the introduction of Ezra Brooks 99, the company now uses a combination of two bourbons to fill in the space that Old Ezra 7 Year 101 once did - Old Ezra 7 Year Barrel Strength and Ezra Brooks 99.

Bottled at an elevated 99 proof for an enhanced flavor profile, this pure, oak-barrel-aged Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is charcoal filtered for a smooth, mellow finish and features a spicy, ryed bourbon mash bill.


Smooth and drinkable with hints of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and spice.

MH3302 AC

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