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Abelha Organic Cachaca Gold 3 Y

100% single estate - family operation with production coordinated from cane field to pot still. Organic processes, not adding sugar and resting before bottling lead to high-quality, consistent cachaça. Made traditionally in Rio de Contas, the Chapala Diamantina region – in the heart of Bahia, Brazil which holds a powerful historic, natural and cultural heritage. Designed as a sipping spirit with aromatic nose, grassy texture and a long finish; also perfect for fresh full-on cocktails. Abelha Cachaça Gold is aged for 3 years in 250 litre casks made from garapeira, a Brazilian Ash.

Botran Solera 18 Y

Een rijke en warme rum van Guatemala uit de Ron Botran selectie. Aan de top van hun gamma staat deze 18 jarige rum, gerijpt in een solera systeem van Amerikaanse eik, sherry- en porto-vaten.