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Akashi Meïsei Blended Whisky

A blended Japanese whisky from White Oak, made with 45% American oak matured single malt. We also understand that Meïsei translates roughly as ‘celebrity’ in Japanese.

Antiquary 12 years+ étui.

Crafted using Scotland’s most treasured malt and grain whiskies, all of which have been matured for over twelve years, The Antiquary 12 Year Old is light and delicate with a smooth, lingering finish.

Duncan Taylor Black Bull 10 Y Rum Finish

The legendary Black Bull Blended Scotch Whisky returns with this special limited release containing a choice selection of 10 year old single malt and single grain whiskies from Scotland’s finest distilleries. This Black Bull 10 has then been finished for a period of 16 months in ex-rum casks from Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Guatemala, Guadeloupe and Fiji.

Duncan Taylor Black Bull 21 Y

Black Bull is still blended to the same formula today as was used in the very beginning, using a large percentage of quality Speyside and Highland malts, matured in sherry and bourbon casks, blended to a high malt to grain ratio, and finally bottled at a robust 50% abv.
Black Bull 21 is unfettered by chill filtration, allowing the character of each carefully selected 21 year old whisky to shine through to its full potential, resulting in a unique blend that is outstanding in its field.

Hankey Bannister Heritage

An inspired recreation of an original bottling of Hankey Bannister Scotch Whisky, made between 1924 and 1928 and re-discovered, perfectly preserved. Our Master Blender has carefully recreated this antique liquid and the result is undoubtedly amazing!

MacNair's Peated Blended Malt 12 Y

Cette expression a été produite avec des whiskies vieillis pendant au moins 12 ans, et tirés de fûts de bourbon, de vin rouge et de xérès Pedro Ximénez. Le nom a été inspiré par le distillateur victorien Harvey MacNair, ainsi que par le célèbre toast écossais "Long may your lum reek!".


Tourbe sucrée se combinant avec du caramel et du moka.

Tourbe riche et tourbée avec des notes de bruyère, de myrte, de caramel et d'épices douces.

Orge, tourbe et une touche mentholée.

Mc Pink Blended Scotch Whisky Port Finish

A Blended Scotch Whisky made from a mix of 40% of different malt whiskies, rich and fruity. A unique blend with distinctive flavours, rich yet soft fruitiness, a natural pink wine tinge to its kilted body, the modern design of the art of Ashley Cook drawn from Scotland’s history. A whisky with strength and character yet with a feminine heart, mirroring the portrait of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and Queen of France through her marriage to Francois II of France as a young princess.