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ABK6 Pineau des Charentes 5 ans d'âge

This Pineau des Charentes is best enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, between 9 and 10 degrees, in a tulip glass to enhance its colour and bouquet. It goes very well with foie gras, cheeses, and chocolate desserts.

Bombarda Drake

Crafted with precision, the 3-5 year rare dark rum blend speaks the truth as a Caribbean rum, remaining uncompromised. With no added sugars, caramel, or colorants, and no cold filtration, it stands as a gluten-free choice. In listing its origins as Ports of Call, it proudly showcases transparency and authenticity.

Bombarda Falconet

Crafted with care, the 8-15 year rare dark rum blend speaks the truth as a Caribbean rum, remaining uncompromised. No added sugars, caramel, or colorants; no cold filtration; and completely gluten-free. It proudly lists its origins as Ports of Call, ensuring transparency in every sip.

Botran Rare Blend Ex Agave

Ageing Dynamic aging (solera adapted)

Ex-American Whiskey
Ex-American Whiskey toasted
Ex-Spanish fortified Wine
Ex-portuguese fortified Wine
Ex-agave spirit

Botran Rare Vintage French Wine Cask

Botran's remarkable aged rum showcases its exclusive dynamic ageing method. Its maturation shapes the distinctive flavour profile of Botran Rare Cask French Wine Finish.

Botran Solera 18 Y + étui

Botran 1893 is a rum aged high in the mountains of Guatemala. It comes from a blend of rum between 5 and 18 years and benefited from an aging of type Solera. The American oak barrels used for the Solerie are old barrels of Sherry and port.

Cihuatan Indigo 8 Y - Rum El Salvador

Cihuatan Indigo, an 8-year-aged rum, matured in ex-Bourbon American white oak barrels. Crafted in San Salvador, El Salvador, it embodies rich flavors and a distinctive heritage

Cu Bocan Signature (Grey)

In the whisky that made Cu Bocan's name, light smoke intertwines with rich citrus and exotic spices. Subtly smoky, surprisingly sweet, it opens up the world of lightly peated whisky.
~ Award : Winner of the 2023 World Spirit Competition in San Francisco (Double Gold)
Oloroso Sherry
North American Virgin Oak

La Fabrique Ice Storm Ginger Menthe

This original preparation blends fresh mint, sweet ginger and long Java pepper for a pleasant and intense sensation of freshness.

La Fabrique N°4 Fruit de la Passion - Hibiscus

Simple and delicious, this preparation blends the fruity and acidic aromas of passion fruit with the floral notes of hibiscus in a perfect balance. A real favourite!

La Fabrique N°5 Mangue - Abricot - Thym

La Fabrique de l'Arrangé N°05 is an arranged rum produced in Île-de-France by Tricoche Spirits. In this recipe made with AOC Martinique agricultural rum, the roundness of Kent mango and the sweetness of dried apricot are enhanced by a hint of thyme flower.

Match Tonic Water Floral 24x20cl

Elevate your drinks with the freshness of Match Tonic Water Floral! This square bottle fuses elegance, practicality and strength, making it the perfect companion for pink gins and spritz-based cocktails. Savour the harmony of this combination and explore mixed drinks in a totally new way.