New products

Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged in oak casks and is delicately balanced with caramel and honey notes. Experience this old fashioned bourbon with a nip of sweet.

Hee Joy VSOP Republique Dominicaine

After having rested for 5 years in the distillery's cellars in Bourbon barrels, it was selected by Hee Joy and brought to the Charente for further maturation in Cognac barrels.

Hee Joy VSOP Jamaica

This time, it is in Jamaica that the brand invites us: to the discovery of a very old VSOP rum, to be precise. This creation of the Worthy Park distillery spent four years in Bourbon barrels, then was transported to the Cognac region for an additional six months of maturation in the brand's cellars in Chevanceaux. This cuvée has thus benefited from a double ageing in a tropical and continental climate.

Cotswolds Xmas Dry Gin Ltd Edt

To celebrate the festive season, we wanted to make something that was in the same family as our Cotswolds Dry Gin, but with a Christmassy twist. Our Lead New Product Development Distiller, Alice Pearson, decided to use clementine as something quintessentially festive that also captures the bright, citrusy flavours in our signature gin.

Etsu Double Orange Japanese Gin

Etsu Double Orange Gin has been macerated for seven days using traditional botanicals such as Japanese bitter orange peel, juniper berries, liquorice root, angelica and coriander. After maceration, only the gin is distilled without the botanicals, which allows the oils to infuse. Only after the distillation process is fresh water from the mountain source added, which gives this gin it’s fresh taste Etsu Double Orange Gin is fresh and fruity, with natural ingredients, giving this gin a unique and light finish.