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Darroze Biologic Folle Blanche 2001- 48.5 %

Amber colour, golden reflections, brilliant. The classic expression of an 18 year old Armagnac in this multi-faceted nose.

Darroze Château de Lahitte 1981 - 46 %

The terroirs of the village of Courrenssan offer both sandy soils (it is the last village on the edge of Bas Armagnac) and limestone from the nearby Ténarèze. The property's boulbènes are closed to the tawny sands of Bas Armagnac and allow the production of rich, complex Armagnac with long ageing potential.

Darroze Château de Lahitte 1986 - 46.5 %

Gun's Bell is a spiced rum elaborated in the Cognac region by Hedonist. This blend of Dominican Republic, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad benefits from a unique treatment. It is infused with spices and French oak chips (ex-cognac). It is then lightly sweetened, and aged in highly toasted oak barrels for 4 to 6 months. This spiced rum is perfect for a Dark n' Stormy cocktail, an original Mojito, or even a Vieux Carré.