Founded by Claudia Hamm in 2002, Premium Spirits has become one of the key companys in the premium spirits sector. With her knowledge of food products, she naturally turned to the importation of spirits. Having noticed that the market was not yet well exploited, she saw an opportunity to develop a long-lasting company respecting the traditions of the distilleries. Thanks to her knowledge of the industry and her travels, she was quickly able to understand the codes governing this particular sector.

Over time, the company has chosen for discernment and famous brands, often familybusinesses in which it recognized itself, always with the asset: Premium. While the categories Single Malt Whisky, Rum and Gin represent the majority of the sales, the company is present in all segments: Armagnac, Calvados, Cognac, Eaux de Vie, Mezcal, Pisco, Tequila, Vermouth, Vodka etc.

Wishing to develop further, Premium Spirits does not forget its values of passion, quality, expertise and trust. 


PASSION - We only work with distilleries/producers who are passionate about their products. This passion is at the heart of our concerns and we transmit this to our customers. 

QUALITY - We only want to work with high quality products. That's why, with us, you are sure to consume products of very good quality selected with the greatest care!

EXPERTISE - We work closely with all the brands we offer, which makes us true experts in the field. We are regularly trained on the latest brands and share this knowledge during many tasting sessions.

TRUST - We build trust with both our suppliers and our customers. Trust is truly at the heart of our relationships. Our suppliers can trust us because we take care of their products. While our customers can be sure that we will provide them with high quality products and that they will not be disappointed.


Premium Spirits develops while always keeping in mind its commitments in terms of ecology and ethics. Therefore, in 2016, our team has moved to a brand new building that is almost energy self-sufficient. In terms of ethics, we select suppliers who share the same quality values as us. Our suppliers are turning more and more to organic products, which allows us to offer you eco-responsible and organic products!

To sum up, we are a family company, with a strategy, a vision and values on the long term. Since 2002, we continue to grow the market of spirits in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and this is not about to stop...