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Delixir Pisco Italia

Artisanal pisco made exclu-sively from the distillation of wine from the aromatic “italia grape”, completely fermented must and using methods that main-tain the traditional principle of product quality. it takes approximately 1 year of resting in innox tanks and 8 kilos of italia grapes to produce 1 liter of finest delixir.

Pisco Barsol Acholado

BARSOL Pisco is produced in the Bodega San Isidro. All grapes used for BARSOL Pisco are grown on proprietary premises surrounding the Bodega. The Bodega can rely upon nearly 100 years of experience in the production of high quality pisco.
BARSOL Selecto Acholado pisco has a great mixability and works in cocktails like Pisco Sour, Capitán, Chilcano or any modern pisco drink creation.

Due to its superb quality, BARSOL Selecto Acholado has received many awards in multiple competitions in Peru and around the world. It is a pisco of great harmony, balance and brilliancy.

Pisco Barsol Moscatel

The Pisco Barsol Moscatel is a Peruvian masterpiece produced at the venerable Bodega San Isidro, a historic distillery that has been in operation for over a hundred years in Peru.
This fruit brandy is made exclusively from locally grown Moscatel grapes, ensuring exceptional quality and authenticity.
Distilled in small batches in copper stills and aged for at least three months in steel tanks, this Pisco perfectly reflects the terroir and ancestral expertise of Peru.

Pisco Barsol Mosto Verde Italia

Pisco Barsol Mosto Verde Italia is a true gem of Peruvian tradition, a refined spirit that captures the very essence of the art of Pisco distillation.
Made from semi-fermented Italian grapes, this Pisco stands out for its smoothness and creamy texture, the result of a unique technique where fermentation is stopped before all the sugars are converted into alcohol.
This process, requiring the use of 10 kg of grapes for each bottle, releases exceptionally rich grape aromas, perfect for pure tasting.

Pisco Barsol Mosto Verde Quebranta

Discover the Pisco Barsol Mosto Verde Quebranta, an exceptional brandy from Peru, produced in the Ica Valley by Bodega Isidro.
With 100 years of experience, this distillery produces grape brandies of incomparable quality.
The term "Pisco" has its roots in the language of the indigenous peoples, meaning "flying bird", a tribute to the cultural and historical heritage of this beverage.
Barsol Mosto Verde Quebranta stands out for its unique production process using the "Mosto Verde" method, requiring double the grapes (for BARSOL, 5 kg per bottle) for an unparalleled aromatic richness.

Pisco Barsol Perfect Amor 75 CL

Discover the Barsol Perfecto Amor, an exquisite aperitif that embodies Peruvian tradition and contemporary innovation.
Made from a careful blend of fortified grape juice from the Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel grape varieties, this unique spirit is the result of meticulous distillation in small quantities.
Barsol Perfecto Amor stands out for its aromatic complexity and rich taste, offering a refined and memorable tasting experience.

Pisco Barsol Quebranta

Barsol Primero Quebranta is a jewel among Peruvian piscos, made from the Quebranta grape, the most cultivated in Peru.
This pisco stands out for its purity, vivacity, and exquisite aromas of ripe pear and dried fruits.
Its aromatic complexity is enhanced by subtle nuances of fresh herbs and citrus.
Originating from the Ica Valley, this spirit perfectly reflects Peru's tradition and commitment to producing internationally renowned pisco.
Artisanal production at the San Isidro Bodega ensures this pisco is distilled in century-old copper stills, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and finesse.

Pisco Barsol Quebranta 4L

BarSol is the leading Pisco brand in the world which pioneered the revival of the Pisco category in the international markets over 20 years ago.

Pisco can only be made from 8 specific grape varietals which are classified as Aromatic and Less Aromatic.

All of our grapes are grown in the Southern Valley of Ica, Peru.

Pisco Barsol Torontel

The Pisco Barsol Torontel is a refined spirit, produced exclusively from Torontel grapes grown in the valleys of Ica and Ocucaje, Peru.
This exceptional pisco embodies Peruvian craftsmanship and tradition, offering a rich and captivating sensory experience.
Ideal for spirit enthusiasts, it stands out for its floral and fruity aromas, perfect for being enjoyed neat or in a delicious cocktail.