El Salvador

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Cihuatan 12 Y Cinabrio

This is a generous rum in all its dimensions. Even before uncorking the bottle, the rum’s mahogany color with flashes of coppery red captures our attention and invites us to listen to its story. After serving it in a tasting glass, the rum’s aromas begin to whisper the notes of the bourbon barrels where it patiently aged for 12 years. The whisper then turns into a sigh, as its characteristic notes of fresh guarapo and brown sugar begin to surface.

Cihuatan Indigo 8 Y - Rum El Salvador

Here is a new vintage of the Cihuatan brand, this young brand that has brought El Salvador into the very select circle of rum regions! Its name: Indigo. A color that enters the composition of the famous "Mayan blue", a beautiful color found in the frescoes of the temples buried in the jungle. The brand Cihuatan pays tribute to the Mayan culture, which is an integral part of the history of El Salvador. Its iconography can be found on the labels that adorn the bottles, such as this one. This cuvée, aged in American oak barrels containing Bourbon, is a blend of different vintages aged at least 8 years. Authenticity is privileged: no additives have been used to modify the overall result.

Cihuatan Sahumerio

Cihuatan Sahumerio is a limited edition rum created as a celebration of love. According to Mayan lore, fire was the symbol of love and the eagle goddess Chantico was its guardian. Thus, every loving home would keep a ‘Sahumerio’, a sacred vessel for fire. These Sahumerios would burn day and night in honor of love.

Cihuatan Xaman XO

Cihuatán Xaman is an extra-old rum uniquely finished in Mayan Ceiba in honor of Xaman, the Mayan god of the North Star and protector of the Cihuatán valley. Gabriela Ayala, Cihuatán’s Master Blender, especially selected the wood of the Mayan Ceiba tree for its alluring profile.