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ABK6 Grands Domaines Vodka Bio

Our organic Vodka is produced in the Camargue, in the south of France, in a vast protected region where horses, flamingos and bulls have lived freely for centuries. It is exclusively made from soft wheat grown organically from the estate. The taste properties of our wheat vary each season depending on the climatic conditions of the year. The control body ECOCERT certifies that the Vodka "Grands Domaines" respects the rules of organic production throughout its manufacturing process. Domaines Francis Abécassis Single Estate: Independent producer of organic Cognac, Vodka and Gin Terroir: 130 hectares of land in the Camargue region for the production of organic cereals and 370 hectares of vines in Charente Raw material: Organic soft winter wheat Distillation: Column stills Organic ce...

Le Philtre Organic Vodka

Philtre Organic Vodka is 100% natural and organic with no added sugar. It is made in France, in the Cognac region, from only two quality ingredients: organic soft winter wheat and Gensac ® spring water, known for its great purity. And that's all. Or almost. Our ultimate ingredient is a unique know-how, that of Maison Villevert, the world-renowned distillery from Charente. Blind-tested by a circle of connoisseurs, Le Philtre Organic Vodka has won over the most maniacal vodkaphiles.