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MacNair's Jamaica Rum Non Peated

Produced from the highest quality sugar cane grown in Jamaica, at the heart of the Caribbean, this pot still rum has enjoyed a unique maturation journey, having been fully matured at The GlenAllachie Distillery. The spirit was sourced from Southern Jamaica’s Clarendon Distillery, which lies on one of the oldest sugar cane plantations on the island and is one of only four producers in the country. Renowned for crafting some of the most flavourful and intense rums in the world, Jamaica has been a hub of rum production since the 17th century.

MacNair's Jamaica Rum Peated

The Red Dragon is the national flag of Wales and the Royal Welsh badge bears the moto ‘Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn’, which translates as ‘The red dragon inspires action’. It features in ancient Welsh tales and was the battle standard of legendary Welsh princes. Welshman Henry Tudor took the flag to Bosworth, where, in 1485, he became the last king of England to be crowned on the battlefield.


In celebration of the 700 years of the Declaration of Arbroath House of McCallum has commissioned five new pieces of art from the 4 Glasgow Artists of the Art of Whisky representing their vision of the piece of history past and present.

Rumbullion Magnum

Ryoma is made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice using agricultural rum methods and aged for seven years in oak barrels to become an aromatic and mellow rum. Its rich, smooth texture and aromas of vanilla and caramel, typical of aged rums, are reminiscent of the flavors of West Indian rums, which are blended in this expression with more exotic aromas close to sake. The result is pleasant and original. Ryoma 7 years old is a Japanese rum that amateurs will enjoy discovering.