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Marzadro Diciotto Lune Riserva Botte Porto

A second special edition of the Grappa Stravecchia, Le Diciotto Lune. Riserva Botte Porto comes from an additional aging period of eighteen months, in a limited number of selected barrels previously used to age Porto wine.

Marzadro Giare Amarone - 70 cl

Grappa with a fine and decisive aroma and a pleasantly captivating taste that is harmonious and persistent on the palate.

Marzadro Giare Chardonnay - 70 cl

A single grape Grappa with a fine and elegant aroma and an intense and dry flavour.

Marzadro Giare Gewürztraminer - 70 cl

A single grape Grappa with an intense aroma and considerable sensory impact, with a very harmonious taste sensation.

Marzadro La Trentina Morbida Barrique - 50 cl

Grappa created to fully express the softness of a spirit, produced through careful distillation in a Bagnomaria steam pot still with marc from Muscat, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes. The typical grapes of the region, the temperature range of the area and the fragrances that are derived from it give rise to uniquely distinct sensory qualities.