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Escale Belharra

The South West of France is a region that has strongly inspired us in our youth with a diverse cultural richness and authentic terroir. When we talk about the South West, it is hard not to mention the beauty of Belharra. Belharra is a mystical, rare and exceptional wave off the Basque Country. Each of its appearances is a real phenomenon and the greatest adventurers come to face it. This wave is the symbol of our creation. It represents the alliance between the different infusions and distillations of raspberries, orange, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, walnut and quassia.

Escale Tamarin

Escale Tamarin was born from these inspirations to create an alliance between different infusions, distillations of lime, lemon, cinnamon, cinchona, cubeb and rose. The rose is a special element for us, a reminder of the Indian Ocean turning pink in October.

Esprit de Figues

In the distillery in Burgundy, the violette figs are quickly cut in half and soaked in neutral alcohol that has previous been distilled in Northern France. The violette figs are left to infuse for a minimum period of 3 months. The neutral spirit extracts the beautiful color and subtle flavour of the fig during this time. Eventually it takes 7 years to come to the final result.