Gozio Amaretto MINI

Gozio Amaretto stands out as an exceptional liqueur, boasting an exquisite almond flavor.
Employing an unparalleled method, bitter almonds sourced from four continents undergo a meticulous infusion process lasting a minimum of sixty days, resulting in a premium blend that captures the finest aroma and taste.
Distinguished, this liqueur refrains from incorporating artificial aromas, extracts, or additives in its final composition.
Its refined taste is both velvety and approachable, making it a versatile choice for enhancing both cocktails and dessert creations.
Format 50ml.

Tasting notes


A transparent liquid displaying a rich amber hue with subtle golden undertones.

An intricate bouquet revealing a harmonious blend of almonds and spice.

A nuanced and gently sweet almond flavor, culminating in a lingering, creamy finish.


Specific References

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