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Amazonian Gin

Amazonian Gin Company is a premium Distilled Gin made with extraneutral sugar cane spirit, distilled with juniper berries from Macedonia and a careful selection of fresh fruits and botanicals from the Amazon region, harvested by Amazonian farmers.

Gin'Ca Distilled Gin Berries Edition

The Inca Distillery is Peru's first artisanal distillery. Founded in 2015, its challenge is to create the best artisanal gins, while ensuring respect for the environment and its partner farmers. A range of exceptional products, which reveal the richness of their culture, and offer unique flavors thanks to the fresh fruits carefully selected for the development of their premium gins.Gin'Ca is a Premium Peruvian Distilled Gin made from sugar cane alcohol, juniper berries from Macedonia and a rigorous selection of fresh plants from the coast, the Andean mountains and the Amazon region without added sugar. or artificial flavors. This gin is made from 100% aromatic plants from the Andes and the Amazon.|TASTING NOTES|• NoseEssentially citrus, notes of sweet lemon and juniper stand ...