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Penderyn Bourbon Myth

Myth is a single malt whisky aged in a variety of carefully selected old red wine and bourbon casks.

Penderyn Bourbon Myth 40%

Myth is a single malt whisky finished in a range of specially selected ex-bourbon and rejuvenated oak casks., bottled at 40% abv. (43% in the USA)

Penderyn Celt Peated

This Penderyn Celt single malt whisky comes from Wales. It offers a combination of fruity and expressive notes. It has benefited from final maturation in peated casks, giving it characteristic nuances of smoky peat.

Penderyn Celt Peated 40%

Celt is a single malt whisky finished in ex-peated quarter casks, bottled at 40% abv.

Penderyn Ex-Islay Peated Single Cask P862 58.4%

Single Cask specially bottled for Premium Spirits. Matured in Ex-Islay Peated casks.

Penderyn Icon of Wales Royal Welsh

A brand new Peated Portwood finished whisky at 43%. The 6th in our ‘Icons of Wales’ series was launched on the 1st March 2019, and commemorates the original Welsh Whisky distillery at Frongoch, near Bala, which closed over 100 years ago. Queen Victoria visited there in 1891 and on the 26th July 1895 the Welsh Whisky Co. received a warrant, and Royal Welsh Whisky was born.

Penderyn Icons of Wales Headliner

The 9th in Penderyn’s Icons of Wales Edition whiskies is called The Headliner. The only Welsh Prime Minister, David Lloyd George (1863-1945), was a social reformer and accidentally established the premium whisky industry. He became a symbol of the national reawakening of Wales, and created more headlines than any other 20th century statesman. This 70cl bottle has an abv of 46%, and is matured in Jamaican Rum & Ruby Port Casks.

Penderyn Icons of Wales Patagonia

Patagonia is Penderyn's first ever blended malt whisky, produced by marrying their single malt with that of La Alazana distillery in Patagonia.

Penderyn Icons of Wales YMA O HYD

The 10th in Penderyn’s Icons Of Wales Edition whiskies is called YMA O HYD. This is a patriotic anthem, written by Dafydd Iwan, and has been adopted by the Red Wall (Welsh football supporters). This whisky is produced in partnership with FA Wales as their official whisky for the Wales campaign at the World Cup in 2022.

Penderyn Legend 40%

Legend is a Madeira-finish single malt whisky, bottled at 40%.