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Duncan Taylor Indian Summer Saffron Infused Gin

Indian Summer contains the precious spice saffron, which brings a warm, rich aromatic flavour and golden-yellow hue to our gin, reminiscent of a sizzling summer’s day.

Our clean, flavoursome gin contains carefully selected aromatic and diverse botanicals; angelica bark, almonds, coriander seed, cassia, juniper berries, lemon peel, liquorice root, saffron, orris root and orange peel. 

That Boutique - Y Cherry Gin 46 %

Fruit gins were once all the rage: lemon gin, orange gin, even asparagus gin once graced the shelves of liquor stores the world over. Now, they’re back with The Boutique-y Gin Company Cherry Gin.

That Boutique - Y Rhubarb Triangle Gin 46% - 70 cl

Rhubarb is no longer just for puddings or boiled sweets. This herbaceous perennial is enjoying a resurgence in popularity not only in the culinary world, but also in the world of alcohol, where rhubarb is taking a prominent place.