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Compagnie des Indes Trinidad 2003 Single Cask PS 61.7%

Single Cask

Compagnie des Indes' Rums are selected in order to showcase the true character of their country of origin.

Darroze Premium Spirits Anniversary 20 ans - 70 cl

This unique and exclusive blend was specially created for Premium Spirits’ 20th anniversary and was bottled in June 2023. The blend is composed of more than ten different armagnacs aged from 20 to 32 years in 400L barrels.

Grapes varieties:
80% baco,
20% ugni blanc

Degree: 43°

Glencadam 2004 Cask 179 Premium Spirits

A genius whisky expression as we like to see and especially taste. The Glencadam Single Cask Whisky matured only on Cask 179 and could not be bottled pure. After maturing on a single cask not cooled filtered into the bottle without any coloring or dilution. Something that will really make the true bourbon lover water teeth. An incredibly fine dram with a divine taste. This Highland Glencadam was personally selected by Premium Spirits and released in a numbered edition. The cask was personally selected on site after a thorough analysis.

Koval Single Cask PS

With a mash bill of 51% corn and 49% millet, KOVAL Bourbon offers a drinking experience that is balanced, approachable, and unparalleled.

Penderyn Single Cask 85/2003 20Y PS 59.4%

A unique and first 20 year old export release by Penderyn, to celebrate a long collaboration with Premium Spirits since 2003.