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Kurayoshi Pure Malt

The Kurayoshi Pure Malt is aged for over 3 years in oak casks. It has a soft and refreshing fragrance of malted barley complimented by sweet and tart notes of rum raisins, malt and vanilla. The light finish is a reminder of Tottori’s pure spring water used during distillation.

Kurayoshi Pure Malt 12 Y

The aroma of nuts and almonds is followed by a rich malt flavor. hints of vanilla and raisins, with a faint smoky flavor. This vintage has the perfect balance with the sweetness, bitterness and acidity.

Kurayoshi Pure Malt 8 Y

The rich aromas and deep flavors displayed by the Kurayoshi Malt Whisky 8 Year Old reflects the maturation in carefully selected oak casks.

Kurayoshi Pure Malt Sherry

Aged in sherry casks for over 3 years. The nose expresses notes of ripe fruit and chocolate. The palate mimics the nose with additional hints of citrus and lemongrass.

The Matsui Mizunara Cask

A single malt whisky distilled in the rich, natural environment of Tottori and aged in Mizunara (Japanese oak)casks. Combined with the bitter flavor of unblended whisky, a faintly sweet, aged aroma tickles the nose with a smooth yet rich, lingering aftertaste.This masterpiece, carefully crafted with heart and passion, is brought to proof with high-quality natural spring water from Mt. Daisen.

The Matsui Sakura Cask

Double distilled in pot stills then aged in Sakura oak casks the famous and iconic Japanese cherrytree. Often used as a metaphor on ephemerality of beauty and life It always has been a source of inspiration for Japanese artists.

The Matsui Sakura Single Cask

Japanese single malt whisky matured in a single Sakura cask, known for its quality. Combined with a malt aroma and the bitter taste of an unblended whisky, delicately soft and crisp notes of cherry also come through across the palate. The whisky is matured in Tottori prefecture, in a natural environment where the temperature changes considerably from one season to the next. The whisky is subtly finished with high-quality natural spring water from Mount Daisen.

The Matsui The Peated

The Matsui The Peated Single Malt is distilled by the Kurayoshi distillery Kurayoshi city Tottori prefecture. Double distilled in pot stills then aged in American oak in the Tottori prefecture, in a natural environment very favorable to a good aging It is then diluted down with high quality natural spring water from Mont Daisen.