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Compagnie des Indes Blend Latino 5 Y

Compagnie des Indes Latino comes from a blend of rums essentially of "Spanish" type (60% comes from Guatemala) but not only, since a part of the rum which composes it comes from Guyana (English influence).The Spanish type brings the greediness while the English influence brings a touch of freshness. 5 years of aging in new barrels (bourbon) have allowed this rum to acquire its roundness and a rich palette of aromas. The rum was bottled without cold filtration.

Compagnie des Indes Boulet de Canon n° 13

Nose: Very pronounced on ashes, caramel, grilled meat and hints of smouldering tobacco
Palate: First very smoky, very opulent, then more peaty and balanced and greedy. There are also vegetal notes of oregano, thyme, rosemary, strong flavours of dried straw and toasted malt.
Finish: Ashy and greedy. It is reminiscent of a campfire on which a nice piece of meat has been grilled.

Compagnie des Indes Spiced Rum

Forget everything you thought you knew about Spiced Rum! Far from the segment’s clichés, this is not one of those syrupy rums packed with sugar and colourings but rather an authentic rum, with very little added sugar (15g) and no colourings whatsoever. It is a rum from Dominican Republic (approx. 80%) & Venezuela (approx. 20%), slowly infused with black pepper, ginger, liquorice, vanilla, nutmeg etc for 2 weeks.