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Kiyomi Japanese Rum

Kiyomi means 'pure beauty' in Japanese. This rum is a distillate of local sugarcane molasses fermented for 3 weeks, then distilled in a copper pot still.

Ryoma Vieilli 7 ans Fût de Chêne

Ryoma is made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice using agricultural rum methods and aged for seven years in oak barrels to become an aromatic and mellow rum. Its rich, smooth texture and aromas of vanilla and caramel, typical of aged rums, are reminiscent of the flavors of West Indian rums, which are blended in this expression with more exotic aromas close to sake. The result is pleasant and original. Ryoma 7 years old is a Japanese rum that amateurs will enjoy discovering.

Teeda 5 Y Japanese Rum

Mr. Tadashi Matsuda established his rum producing company in Okinawa in 1961. It first responded to a large demand from US military personnel based on the island at the time. TEEDA is made from a single distillation of sugarcane molasses.