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La Fabrique Ice Storm Ginger Menthe

This original preparation blends fresh mint, sweet ginger and long Java pepper for a pleasant and intense sensation of freshness.

La Fabrique N°12 Vanille - Macadamia

This time, it is in Jamaica that the brand invites us: to the discovery of a very old VSOP rum, to be precise. This creation of the Worthy Park distillery spent four years in Bourbon barrels, then was transported to the Cognac region for an additional six months of maturation in the brand's cellars in Chevanceaux. This cuvée has thus benefited from a double ageing in a tropical and continental climate.

La Fabrique N°4 Fruit de la Passion - Hibiscus

Simple and delicious, this preparation blends the fruity and acidic aromas of passion fruit with the floral notes of hibiscus in a perfect balance. A real favourite!

La Fabrique N°5 Mangue - Abricot - Thym

La Fabrique de l'Arrangé N°05 is an arranged rum produced in Île-de-France by Tricoche Spirits. In this recipe made with AOC Martinique agricultural rum, the roundness of Kent mango and the sweetness of dried apricot are enhanced by a hint of thyme flower.