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Naga Rum Java Anggur Edition

Naga Anggur symbolizes the meeting of the Bordeaux origins of the creators of Naga rums and their passion for rums and travels that led them to discover the Batavia Arrack, the Indonesian rum. Thus, Naga Anggur is the fruit of the marriage between Indonesian rum and Saint Emilion wine, between Naga Java Reserve and Château Pas de l'Ane, Saint Emilion Grand Cru.

In this beautiful amber color of Naga Java Reserve are invited ruby red reflections borrowed from the barrel.

Naga Rum Java Siam Edition

The Naga Siam Edition rum, by its long maturation under wood, develops complex woody aromas, which mix the scents of sandalwood and roasting. Then come notes of nuts and caramel.

The rum has a soft and round structure, characteristic of Naga rums. The roasted flavors appear and support the elegant notes of nuts, vanilla and tobacco. The finish is long and the whole is supported by a very elegant woody taste.