Naga Rum Java Anggur Edition

Naga Anggur symbolizes the meeting of the Bordeaux origins of the creators of Naga rums and their passion for rums and travels that led them to discover the Batavia Arrack, the Indonesian rum. Thus, Naga Anggur is the fruit of the marriage between Indonesian rum and Saint Emilion wine, between Naga Java Reserve and Château Pas de l'Ane, Saint Emilion Grand Cru. In this beautiful amber color of Naga Java Reserve are invited ruby red reflections borrowed from the barrel.

Mix possible with Naga Siam, Naga Triple Wood and Naga Java Reserve.

Naga Anggur is the fruit of the marriage between Indonesian rum - Batavia Arrack - and the bin of Saint-Emilion. It is also the meeting of the Libourne origins of Sébastien Folloppe, creator of the Nage brand, and his passion for travel and rums. It is finally and above all a rum of friends, Sébastien and Nicoles Baptiste - wine grower of St Emilion - who wished to please themselves so that this pleasure could be transmitted. Anggur in Indonesian means vine, wine, grape.

Racking of the barrels (Seguin Moreau French oak) having contained during 18 months of the Château Pas de l'Âne 2018, Saint Emilion Grand cru vinified by Nicolas Baptiste. They are immediately filled with our Naga Java Reserve 65% rum. After a little over two months in these barrels, the rum is racked, filtered and reduced to 40% before being bottled.


The color is slightly brown and magenta.
On the palate, the aromas of red and black fruits typical of Saint Emilion wines blend harmoniously with the spicy notes and leave the palate with greedy desires of elsewhere.


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