Naga Pearl of Jakarta Triple Wood

Naga Triple Wood enjoyed an aging in Jati barrels, then in Bourbon barrels and finally another 12 months in new birch barrels. This exceptional treatment gives this rum its name "Triple Wood. This refers to the three types of wood it came into contact with during the aging process.

Mix possible on Naga Anggur, Naga Siam and Naga Java Reserve.

Take the Naga you know (matured in Jati and Bourbon barrels), add 12 months of aging in cherry wood barrels, and you get Naga Triple Wood: more tannic, powerful and spicy. Indonesia is a privileged rum region since it is from this part of the world that sugar cane originates: it has been cultivated there for 80 centuries! It is only much later, with the colonization, that it will be imported in the Antilles. To drink Indonesian rum is to go back to the roots, to find the original cradle where it all began. In fact, as early as 1712, there were a dozen distilleries around Jakarta. The Naga brand is one of the jewels of the country: it is one of the best ambassadors of it, all over the world. Discover here the Naga Triple Wood rum with its deliciously spicy and fruity notes... It has benefited from an aging in Jati barrels, then Bourbon, and finally, for 12 months, in new barrels...


The flavors of beeswax, candied fruits and honey are what particularly impressed us during our tasting: a singular agreement that constitutes the unique signature of this brand, its identity.


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