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Baie Des Trésors Fruits Des Pluies 50%

Perched on the verdant heights overlooking the Presqu'ïle de la Caravelle, Dufferet's vineyards have benefited from rainfall even though 2021 was a particularly dry year. We can thus qualities that have given this rum its identity, namely a warm profile rich in exotic flavours. However, we find floral tones in this 2021 vintage.

Baie Des Trésors Plein Soleil 54%

On the seashore of Martinique, on the Fond Basile plot, sugar canes thrive under a blazing sun. In this arid land, the canes absorb intense vegetal aromas, which Baie des Trésors enhances with its Plein Soleil cuvée.

This parcellaire white agricultural rum unveils wild and fresh tones, offering a true sensory experience.

Baie des Trésors Plein Soleil opens with surprising notes of rose, lychee, and citrus fruits.

Its round and smooth palate reveals flavors of ripe canes evolving into exotic fruits.

Its vegetal finish, meanwhile, takes on almost mentholated accents, for a complex and refreshing bouquet.

St Etienne ESB Parcellaire N° 1

HSE invites you to taste the "élevage sous-bois" version of its 1st parcellaire rum 2016. Aged for over 12 months in selected 200-liter American oak barrels, this rum will delight you with its elegance, finesse and complexity.

St Etienne Extra Vieux Château La Tour Blanche 2014

After more than 5 years of ageing in the purest tradition of HSE old rums, this vintage has benefited from almost 1 year of finishing in barrels from Château La Tour Blanche, 1er Cru Classé de Sauternes.