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Isautier Rhum Barrik

Barrik rum is a fresh, expressive rum, with a strong character, finely wooded, which gives it a certain distinction that makes it a unique rum of its kind!

Isautier Rhum Secret de Canne

This agricultural rum aged in oak barrels is greedy and seductive. It claims its Reunionese origins through its very typical notes of sugar cane present throughout the tasting.

Isautier Rhum Vieux 10 ans

This extra old agricultural rum has been aged in new oak barrels and then in red barrels for over 10 years in our cellar.

Isautier Rhum Vieux 5 ans

This rum is a blend of agricultural rums and traditional rums aged in French oak barrels for five years, which makes it both original and complex.

Savanna 7 ans d'âge

This old rum 7 years old, aged in the conditions of hygrometry climate and tropical heat, is the Savanna the most rewarded on the international contests. A great classic for all lovers of round and sweet spirits and a safe bet for those who want to learn.