Savanna Créol Blanc 52 %

Made with pure, fresh sugar cane juice from the adjacent sugar refinery, this is a rum that showcases the traditions of Reunion Island, blending powerful flavours.The development of the 52% abv favours a strong concentration of aromas, and emphasises the rum’s rich rounded character.

Tasting notes


Fresh and maritime. Boldly vegetal, both sweet and spicy.The first nose is not only elegantly vegetal (opening with sugar cane), but also spicy, blending star anise and olive before developing candied fruit and almond notes.

The attack is sweet, with touches of saffron. The subtly intense spicy notes (pepper) are quickly softened by grassy, vegetal tones. Its aromas are constantly in motion, moving from sugar cane to a mild smokiness. The final impression is of biting right into a stalk of sugar cane bursting with flavour, giving a very mellow aftertaste.

Long, fine, and sweet. Extremely well-rounded, like a journey through the cane fields of Reunion, on the shores of the Indian Ocean …

Tasting advice
On its own or in a cocktail


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