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Glen Breton Rare 10 Y

If it is close to its Scottish cousins in many respects, this version also knows how to stand back in order to better assert its origins. Its particularly original and even surprising aromatic palette is already a pretext for discovery.

Spicebox Whisky Canada

Spicebox was inspired by a crafty Canadian, who would ship the contraband cargo in wooden barrels, black stamped with Spices. all was going according to plan, until a barrel took a spill, and their exporting days were over! The brand name itself communicates the flavor, and intrinsically links us to spiced whisky. The colours of the fonts, orange and brown, are related to the general perception of spice — the warmth conveyed through the various spice flavors. The branding and other fonts that are representative of the fonts of the products and printing of the 1920s, during Prohibition.

The Wild North Whisky Canada

Canadian rye whisky and spring water from Quebec's Far North, with notes of caramel and vanilla. This whisky is bold and authentic, in the image of the Canadian pioneers who set out to conquer the North, to whom this Rye lueurs pays tribute. The Wild North is a blend of 5-, 7- and 11-year-old whiskies aged in Montreal, partly in American bourbon casks and partly in French oak.