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Botran Reserva 15 Y

This rum is Aged under the Solera System in the mountains of Guatemala, using white oak and American whiskey barrels that previously housed Sherry and Port.

Botran Rich Guatemalan Oak

The Rare Blend Guatemalan Oak is an assemble of aged rums from 8 - 25Y.

Botran Solera 18 Y

A rich, warming Guatemalan rum from the Ron Botran selection. Sitting at the top of their range, this features rum aged up to 18 years in a Solera system with American oak, Sherry and Port casks.


Miracielo is a spiced rum produced in Guatemala by the same distillery that produces Botran. The recipe for this spiced rum dates back to 1953: an artisanal maceration of fresh plums, raisins and vanilla. The production is made in small quantities. The bottle is particularly neat, with a leather collar made and affixed by hand.