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Botran Cobre

The spices that fill Botran Cobre are inspired by Ponche, Guatemala's traditional celebratory drink.
It's an artisanal infusion of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, best enjoyed neat for a sense-awakening spicy sipping experience.

Botran Rare Vintage French Wine Cask

BOTRAN RARE BLEND: GUATEMALAN OAK is special selection from Botran´s dynamically aged rum reserves carefully hand-picked and finished in Guatemalan Oak Casks, exclusively made for Europe, creating a unique blend of aged rums ranging from 8 to 25 years and filled with Guatemalan vibrancy Dynamically aged in five distinct oak casks: American Whiskey, Toasted American Whiskey, Sherry wine, Port wine and Guatemalan Oak;

Botran Reserva 15 Y

Botran 15y is aged in port casks for a dry rum with real pizzazz.

Botran Reserva Blanca

Ideal for high-end, colourful cocktails

Use to energize a Daiquiri or Rum tonic

Botran Solera 18 Y

Born in 1893, Don Venancio was the first Botran Merino brother to be inspired by glorious Guatemala.

Botran 18 is a blend for him. His passion, fire and determination - in one bottle.

Miracielo Artesano Craft Beer Finish

Miracielo is a spiced rum produced in Guatemala by the same distillery that produces Botran. The recipe for this spiced rum dates back to 1953: an artisanal maceration of fresh plums, raisins and vanilla. The production is made in small quantities. The bottle is particularly neat, with a leather collar made and affixed by hand.