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Botran Cobre

The spices that fill Botran Cobre are inspired by Ponche, Guatemala's traditional celebratory drink.
It's an artisanal infusion of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, best enjoyed neat for a sense-awakening spicy sipping experience.

Botran Rare Blend Ex Agave

Ageing Dynamic aging (solera adapted)

Ex-American Whiskey
Ex-American Whiskey toasted
Ex-Spanish fortified Wine
Ex-portuguese fortified Wine
Ex-agave spirit

Botran Rare Vintage French Wine Cask

BOTRAN RARE BLEND: GUATEMALAN OAK is special selection from Botran´s dynamically aged rum reserves carefully hand-picked and finished in Guatemalan Oak Casks, exclusively made for Europe, creating a unique blend of aged rums ranging from 8 to 25 years and filled with Guatemalan vibrancy Dynamically aged in five distinct oak casks: American Whiskey, Toasted American Whiskey, Sherry wine, Port wine and Guatemalan Oak;

Botran Reserva 15 Y + étui

Botran 15y is aged in port casks for a dry rum with real pizzazz.

Botran Reserva Blanca

Ideal for high-end, colourful cocktails

Use to energize a Daiquiri or Rum tonic

Botran Solera 18 Y + étui

Botran 1893 is a rum aged high in the mountains of Guatemala. It comes from a blend of rum between 5 and 18 years and benefited from an aging of type Solera. The American oak barrels used for the Solerie are old barrels of Sherry and port.


Miracielo is produced by hand using the original La Antigua Guatemala recipe from 1953, in small batches.
During the ageing process, fresh plums, sultanas and vanilla are added by hand, macerating and giving it its unique aromatic profile. Symbolising its artisanal, hand-made profile, the leather collar that adorns its neck is also handmade.

Miracielo Artesano Craft Beer Finish

MIRACIELO RUM ARTESANO is the first limited edition of the HERITAGE COLLECTION, which seeks the union of artisanal exponents from Antigua Guatemala and offers a tribute to the handmade. MIRACIELO ARTESANO, is spirit distilled of sugar cane with craft beer soul because its final ageing stage took place in casks that aged ANTIGUA CERVEZA DON NADIE, an amber-type craft beer with blends of red malts and soft hops. A Colonial fusion worthy of enjoying neat, with ice or as the star of high-end cocktail

Miracielo Cafetalero

Miracielo Cafetalero is a distillate of molasses aged in Ex-American Whiskey casks, Ex-American Whiskey casks with medium toast, where the rum is macerated with vanilla, plums and raisins. Its final finish is achieved with an infusion of the bourbon variety of coffee from Finca San Sebastian in Antigua Guatemala. Blend of aged rums from 3 to 10 years.