Miracielo Cafetalero

Le Miracielo Cafetalero is a true masterpiece for rum enthusiasts, blending tradition and innovation.
Created from a refined blend of rums aged 3 to 10 years, it is aged in lightly toasted American whiskey barrels, where it acquires a unique depth of flavors.
Enriched by a maceration with vanilla, plums, and raisins, it reveals the full richness of its aromas during tasting.
Presented in a luxurious bottle adorned with a handmade leather collar, this rum embodies the pinnacle of elegance and craftsmanship.


COLOR: A bright chocolate hue with reddish highlights, evoking the richness and depth of the rum.

NOSE: A captivating aroma of sweet chocolate, typical of the bourbon coffee variety, enhanced with delicate notes of vanilla and caramel. This complex bouquet invites a rich and harmonious sensory experience.

PALATE : On the palate, Miracielo Cafetalero is a balanced delight. The characteristic sweetness of Bourbon coffee blends perfectly with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Each sip reveals a new facet of this exquisite rum, with notes following each other in a gustatory symphony.

FINISH : The finish is delicately sweet, leaving a lasting impression of grilled caramel and dried fruits. This aromatic persistence is an invitation to savor every moment of the tasting.


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