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Rum & Cane Central America

Rum & Cane Central America XO is a blend of rums from two different countries: Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The ageing took place in bourbon barrels for a period of at least 6 years.

Sao Can Reserva 10 Years

Sao Can 10 Réserve Spécial is an elaborate blend of various casks, including highly aged reserves. Ideal for pure tasting, at room temperature, to appreciate its intensity and smoothness, and to capture its soft, pleasant fragrance, characterised by notes of liquorice and vanilla.

Sao Can Reserva 14 Years

Sao Can 14 Reserva Original is a Cuban Protected Designation of Origin with a seductive dark amber hue. It is the result of a blend of carefully aged reserves, offering an enchanting olfactory experience with fruity aromas. On the palate, this rum is round and deliciously fruity. A 14-year reserve.

Sao Can Reserva 20 Years

Sao Can 20 Reserva Original is an experience of excellence not to be missed, a balanced blend of carefully aged rum, with notes of tobacco and a spicy aroma that transports you to an authentic Cuba. To be savoured sip after sip, without haste.