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La Hechicera Experimental Serie N°2

This is La Hechicera rum expertly matured in white oak casks and infused with generous amounts of organic banana flesh. This latest installment of Serie Experimental is an ode to the three generations of Riascos banana growers who weathered the unforgiving whims of nature to bring forth the most nourishing of tropical fruits. All of this was, of course, before the family transitioned into the romantic adventure of making rum.

La Hechicera + Etui

A Colombian rum sourced and selected by the Riascos. It has been blended from spirit matured for between 12 and 21 years in white oak. Pronounced ‘etch-ee-seh-rah’, the name means ‘enchantress’ in Spanish.

Matusalem Platino

Time doesn’t stop moving forward, and shapes change with it. New trends, new points of view and new creations happen every day at a dizzying pace. Sometimes at such a pace that it doesn’t allow us to appreciate the quality of a job well done.The attention that Matusalem applies to this rum isn’t exactly a fast process: allowed to settle for 18 months within a Solera system, and subsequently carbon filtered in order to leave it almost transparent....

Matusalem 7 years Solera

Intriguing for its excellent quality and traditional Cuban style: Matusalem 7, a golden rum with exceptional smoothness and a pronounced endnote of caramelized bananas and vanilla.