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Sequoia Whisky Single Malt Bio Cuvée Je Dessine

CuVée Je Dessine LiquiDeLovely encounters, quietly humming stills, a secret entrance and barrels at the end of the stairs.end of the stairs... It's all there. Drop by the Distillery and you can see the original drawing by our friend JDL: collage,chalk, felt-tip pen, ink, materials, tenderness, friendship like the whisky you are about to taste...The nose is deliberately greedy and fruity, rich flavours of cherry liqueur and pastry of the ''ForêtForest''.After aeration, the freshness appears, underlined by light accents of fresh mint and eucalyptus.The usual markers of pure cane juice rum then blend pleasantly with the secondary aromasof the whisky.The palate is rich and structured, deliciously tart and mineral. The finish is tinged with tender woody, almost honeyed notes,Very long...