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ABK6 Réserve Artiste 2

ABK6 is convinced that blending eaux-de-vie coming from one exceptional estate gives Cognac an unmistakable character and strength. Deeply attached to the terroir, the house has decided to produce distinct Cognacs based on their origins. The philosophy is therefore summed up in the expression « Single Estate Cognac ».Domaines Francis Abecassis is an indépendant producer of Single Estate Cognac, with 370 hectares of vineyards located on the best terroir of the Cognac appellation. To create ABK6 Cognac, the Cellar Master has chosen the oldest and most emblematic “eaux-de-vie” from the estates. The whole ABK6 range is «gourmand» with notes of candied apple fruits and spices. ABK6’s exclusive square shaped bottle affirms the modernity of the brand and highlights its differences, whi...

ABK6 Réserve Artiste 3

Bright, luminous amber. This cognac has intense, elegant aromas, combining notes of apples, pears, candied plums, cinnamon and vanilla, with delicate woody touches. Beautiful balance between roundness, structure and aromas, revealing persistent fruity notes.

ABK6 Extra

This is a Single Estate Cognac, ABK6 is booth the raisin producer and the Cognac maker. The terrior of ABK6 is a chalky hilltop at 154m of altitude. For this spirits 100% Ugni-blanc grapes are used. The vinification took place in thermoregulated vats. The distillation was a double distillation in small Charentals pot-stills. This Cognac is aged in new and old french Limousin oak barrels of 350-liters, with a finish in XO barrels.

ABK6 Grande Champagne VSOP

Produced exclusively from our the exceptional vineyards, olcated in the prestigious Grande Champagne region. The development of this wine is guided by a single obsession: to achieve Single Estate perfection, where strength and subtly combine in this precious wine from a land that nurtures its guardian angels.

ABK6 Grande Champagne XO

ABK6 XO Grande Champagne is gold in colour with deep amber highlights, revealing magnificent complexity. The nose opens with a delicate fragrance of sweet spices. On the palate, the wine is elegant on the palate, with a subtle woodiness supported by very silky tannins. The finish reveals the mineral freshness already present on the nose.

ABK6 Grande Champagne XXO

XXO GRANDE CHAMPAGNE Old gold mahogany colour. A rich nose with notes of wood, spices, liquorice, orange peel and dried fig. On the palate, the aromas are powerful and controlled, with a combination of walnut, cedar wood and candied fruit. The finish is extremely long.

ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur (Canister)

ABK6 Honey is elegant and subtle, expressing flowery tones derived from honey and Cognac at the same time: jasmine, violets, honeysuckle and rose petals. Then come the cheery and delicates sensations of spices and candied oranges.
The sents mingle with woody vanilla and toffee.

ABK6 Honey Cognac Orange Cinnamon Liqueur

Discover a bold and refined fusion born from the desire to innovate by Francis Abécassis and his team.
This new blend is a tribute to the aromas of orange peel and cinnamon that harmoniously blend with the richness of Cognac, offering a unique and captivating sensory experience.
The expertise of the Cellar Master, Isabelle Couprie, made it possible to create this exceptional liqueur after long reflections and numerous tests.

ABK6 Honey Cognac Orange Cinnamon Liqueur MINI

5cl version of the ABK6 Honey Cognac Orange Cinnamon Liqueur,

Development experiences nourished by the pleasure of innovation lead Francis Abécassis and his teams to combine new flavors: Orange and Cinnamon Cognac liquor. The aromas of orange peel and cinnamon that come through in our cognac are brought to the fore when you taste this blend of orange, cinnamon and liquor Cognac.

ABK6 Ice Cognac

ICE COGNAC by ABK6 is ideal for “On the Rocks” consumption. The greedy and delicate freshness of ICE COGNAC affirms its identity as a domain Cognac, developed by the Abécassis family.

ABK6 Orange Liqueur

ORANGE COGNAC LIQUOR, A golden color with beautiful amber nuances. The nose offers notes of orange zest and sharp candy with flora gint. On the palate, flavours of candied orange peel and marmalade mingle, then the tangy note returns in force to give us a long, delicate finish.