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Mintis Gin Amarena

Amarena cherries bring a playful, sweet-smelling, candied cherry taste along with fresh mint and a juniper finish that will delight your senses.

Mintis Gin Clementina

Relax with the unique flavors of juicy Clementines from Italy, hand-picked Italian juniper, a hint of Pancalieri mint, and other local botanicals.

Mintis Gin Originale

Pancalieri mint, hand-picked Italian juniper, a twist of lemon, and other botanicals local to the Piemonte region help slow down your day.

Mintis Gin Ribesa

Let yourself be carried away by the distinctive and captivating scent of sun-ripened blackcurrant together with hand-picked Italian juniper, herbs from Piemonte, and a light touch of mint.