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Naga Rum Siam Edition

A selection of one of the best rums in Thailand

Naga Rum 12Y Thailand Siam Edition

Distilled in columns in the province of Nakhon Pathom, southwest of BANGKOK, from molasses made from sugarcane grown in THAILAND, then aged for 12 years on site in ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

Naga Rum Siam 2011 Full Proof

Naga Full Proof is the Brut de Fût version of NAGA 10 Years Old. Each year a different vintage is offered in a limited edition, revealing the richness of Thailand's terroirs and the expertise of its distillers.

Phraya Rum Elements

The ageing of Phraya Elements follows the tradition of maturing the distillate in American oak exbourbon casks, which are stored and left to breathe near sleeping lagoons. A blend of aged rums, this premium rum offers unprecedented taste sensations that reflect the spirit of the "Craft of Refinement".

Phraya Rum Gold 40°

A blend of rums aged between 7 and 12 years, Phraya Gold is a sweet, fruity rum that is rich, expressive and welcoming. expressive and welcoming. Drawing its inspiration from the principle of the four elements that govern ancestral Eastern cultures, this rum is an invitation to travel and discover Asia.