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Fassbind L'Héritage de Bois Poire Williams

This noble brandy made from juicy Williams pears matures after distillation in barrels of pear wood for at least one year. The fruit distillate is given its very mild, rounded wood note and its amber color by this wood storage. After the ripening process, it is non-chill filtered and bottled in cask strength. Each decanter is hand-filled, labeled and packaged. Each filling is done in a batch process and is only available in a limited and numbered release.

Fassbind Les Fûts Uniques Kirsch Rum Cask

This full-bodied and rich cherry spirit brings a touch of the Caribbean into the glass with its discreet oak-vanilla note and its light and unmistakable rum flavour.Our noble double distilled cherry spirit is aged for a year in a rum barrel of Angostura in the cellars of our distillery in Oberarth. After finalizing the aging process this unique spirit is non chill filtered and labelled, numbered and packaged by hand. Each bottling is done in a batch process and only available as a limited and numbered edition.|TASTING NOTES|• ColorLight gold.• NoseFull notes of almonds, fruity cherries, sable biscuit, sweet vanilla.• Palate Fine, pleasant almond, fresh figs accompanied by vanilla and vanilla diplomat pudding, very harmonious and well balanced.• Finish Long-lasting and dry.

Fassbind Les Fûts Uniques Kirsch Umburana Cask

The multiple award-winning Les Fûts Uniques Kirsch Umburana Cask from Fassbind, the oldest distillery in Switzerland, is produced gently and in small batches according to an old family recipe. For this purpose, high-quality noble cherries are distilled - the resulting cherry brandy is then stored for at least one year in barrels made of Brazilian wild cherry.