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Delixir Pisco Quebranta

The flagship of the Matusalem Rum family, an original recipe, in which, since 1872, the Solera method gives a complexity and softness, ideal for a new generation of mixed drinks. The secret ingredient for the restless minds of the 21st century.

Pisco Barsol Selecto Acholado

BARSOL Pisco is produced in the Bodega San Isidro. All grapes used for BARSOL Pisco are grown on proprietary premises surrounding the Bodega. The Bodega can rely upon nearly 100 years of experience in the production of high quality pisco.
BARSOL Selecto Acholado pisco has a great mixability and works in cocktails like Pisco Sour, Capitán, Chilcano or any modern pisco drink creation.

Due to its superb quality, BARSOL Selecto Acholado has received many awards in multiple competitions in Peru and around the world. It is a pisco of great harmony, balance and brilliancy.

Pisco Barsol Torontel

Distilled from fresh wine made of 100% Torontel grapes of the Southern Ica and Ocucaje valleys of Ica, Peru.