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Bladnoch 18 Y Castana Butt Single Cask 21/06

Bladnoch Single Malt Scotch Whiskies are handcrafted by our dedicated team at Bladnoch Distillery.

Penderyn Single Cask 85/2003 20Y PS 59.4%

A unique and first 20 year old export release by Penderyn, to celebrate a long collaboration with Premium Spirits since 2003.

The Matsui Sakura Single Cask

Japanese single malt whisky matured in a single Sakura cask, known for its quality. Combined with a malt aroma and the bitter taste of an unblended whisky, delicately soft and crisp notes of cherry also come through across the palate. The whisky is matured in Tottori prefecture, in a natural environment where the temperature changes considerably from one season to the next. The whisky is subtly finished with high-quality natural spring water from Mount Daisen.