Koval Wheat Bio

Koval Wheat is a limited release American whiskey produced in small batches with a 100% organic wheat mashed potato bill. This expression pays homage to the tradition of American wheat whiskey, while differentiating itself from the rest of the Koval line due to the high alcohol content. It is aged in small new and charred casks and bottled at 55% vol. without chill filtration.

Koval Wheat Bio Whiskey is an American whiskey distilled in Chicago. KOVAL believes that the best spirits should come from the best ingredients. They use grains from organic farms in the Midwest to support the local economy and sustainable agriculture. All enzymes and yeast used in production are also non-GMO. All products are distilled in their own facilities. This eliminates the need to purchase pre-made spirits. The water - an essential ingredient in the distillation process - comes from Lake Michigan and is purified using natural charcoal. Koval Wheat Bio Whiskey is a unique taste experience: intense and pure, full of character.


Decisive, dark chocolate acidity and sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.

A very long and fresh finish, with notes of red fruits.

New charred American oak barrels.

MH2229 BIO

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