Gansloser Black Gin 45%

No less than 74! (yes, seventy-four) herbs and essences, the so-called botanicals from 19 different countries from the Alpine region, the Mediterranean to Madagascar and India, give the BLACK GIN its individual fine note and its absolute unique position.

The gin is based on a foundation of fresh wheat. The resulting, crystal clear, base spirit is then aromatized with 74 botanicals in order to give it its astonishing and exciting flavour profile. While 62 of them are macerated for 12 days straight at a constant temperature of minus 24 degrees Celsius, the remaining 12 are added right before the actual distillation itself. After the spirit has been mixed with spring water, it is stored in barrels made of stainless steel and bottled by hand before being released to the public.



Mild, typical and traditional juniper, accompanied by the spicy notes of other botanicals. Light nuances fresh flowers are also found in the nose.


Soft, harmonious and creamy. Spicy juniper and lemon mix with other fruity and flower notes. The pleasant taste of the Black gins remains long in the palate.


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