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Duncan Taylor Big Smoke

The Big Smoke was created to blend malt whiskies from some of the Scotland's most iconic distilleries, and to bottle it in its most rugged form. This whisky is reminiscent of traditional Islay malts, full of peat smoke and coastal sweetness, powerful yet caressing, everything you would expect from a blend of exceptional smoky whiskies. To get the best result, we'll perhaps add something from beyond Islay but still full of smoky character to achieve a Big Smoke. The Big Smoke 46 (46% abv) gives a gentle introduction to the smoky style. The bonfire and seaweed characteristics you would expect are wrapped up in layers of sweet vanilla from fresh American Oak. The Big Smoke 60 (60% abv) at full strength does “everything it says on the tin,” and will live up to the expectations of eve...

Duncan Taylor Black Bull 10 Y Rum Finish

The legendary Black Bull Blended Scotch Whisky returns with this special limited release containing a choice selection of 10 year old single malt and single grain whiskies from Scotland’s finest distilleries. This Black Bull 10 has then been finished for a period of 16 months in ex-rum casks from Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Guatemala, Guadeloupe and Fiji.

Duncan Taylor Black Bull 12 Y

True to its heritage and truly different to the norm, Black Bull 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky is bottled at a higher strength and contains a higher malt whisky content than most of the blended Scotch whiskies available today. Using only the highest quality 12 year old malt and grain whiskies from select distilleries in Scotland, and matured in the finest sherry and bourbon casks, Black Bull 12 is blended to a formula of 50% malt to 50% grain whisky, and bottled at 50% abv (100 US proof), for a full-on flavour experience which will rampage all over your senses. This robust but versatile blend can be served neat, with water, or as a component of cocktails.

Duncan Taylor Black Bull 21 Y

Black Bull is still blended to the same formula today as was used in the very beginning, using a large percentage of quality Speyside and Highland malts, matured in sherry and bourbon casks, blended to a high malt to grain ratio, and finally bottled at a robust 50% abv.
Black Bull 21 is unfettered by chill filtration, allowing the character of each carefully selected 21 year old whisky to shine through to its full potential, resulting in a unique blend that is outstanding in its field.

Duncan Taylor Black Bull Kyloe

From the award winning Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Company and Black Bull brand comes Kyloe, a brand new release to add to the Black Bull fold. Kyloe (pronounced Kahy-loh) is inspired by the hardy breed of highland cattle, the Kyloe, known to survive in the bitter windswept highlands and islands of Scotland. Black Bull Kyloe shares much of its likeness with this great breed – robust and with outstanding pedigree.Kyloe is blended using the finest malt and grain whisky, at a high ratio of malt to grain, and bottled at a hearty 50% abv, without the use of chill filtration, to offer a bold, authen-tic and powerful sensory experience.

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Glen Moray 2009 - 11 Y

We have Duncan Taylor to thank for this Glen Moray single malt, which was distilled in August 2009 and rested in a single sherry cask for just over a decade. It was independently bottled in September 2020 at 11 years old, with an outturn of 198 bottles at 54.1% ABV released for the Dimensions series.

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Glengarioch 1991 - 25Y- 47%

25 year old single malt from Glen Garioch, independently bottled by Duncan Taylor for their Dimensions range. This was distilled in June 1991 and bottled in March 2017 with an outturn of 177 bottles.

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Glentauchers 2008 - 12 Y

This Glentauchers was whacked straight into a single sherry cask after it was distilled in July 2008, where it slumbered for the next 12 years. In September 2020 Duncan Taylor cracked open the cask and bottled the single malt for its Dimensions series, with a release of 318 bottles at 54.5% ABV.