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Pokeno Discovery Single Malt 43%

This exceptional whisky is created exclusively from malted barley grown on New Zealand's South Island. Its slow double distillation, optimising contact with the copper, gives it a remarkable roundness. A blend of whiskies aged in bourbon and sherry casks offers a delicate, complex experience.

Pokeno Origin Single Malt 43%

Pokeno Origin celebrates our unique place in the world. Produced from the finest local barley, and unrushed through fermentation and distillation to enhance body and flavour, we mature it only in first fill bourbon casks.

Pokeno PX Sherry Finish SC 46%

After a full maturation in a first fill bourbon barrel, Pokeno have re-racked this single malt into a PX sherry butt, from Miguel Martin, for a period of 6 months. The result is a whisky of incredible depth and complexity.

Pokeno Revelation Single Malt 43%

Pokeno Revelation celebrates our unique place in the world. First Pokeno carefully select and blend parcels of stock which have been fully matured in first fill bourbon and New Zealand Red Wine casks from one of our favourite wineries. Pokeno then lay these back down in cask to allow them to marry perfectly together.