List of products by brand MATUSALEM

Matusalem 7 years Solera

Intriguing for its excellent quality and traditional Cuban style: Matusalem 7, a golden rum with exceptional smoothness and a pronounced endnote of caramelized bananas and vanilla.

Matusalem Classico 10Y

Matusalem Clasico Solera 10Y is produced from selected rums aged and matured in oak barrels using the Solera process, with the aim of achieving a superior quality rum with a distinct flavor and exceptional smoothness. It is elegantly presented in a stylish contemporary bottle with certain desing features to highlight its Cuban heritage.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Y

The flagship of the Matusalem Rum family, an original recipe, in which, since 1872, the Solera method gives a complexity and softness, ideal for a new generation of mixed drinks. The secret ingredient for the restless minds of the 21st century.

Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 23 Y

New trends and timeless classics are often very close. This is something that is only appreciated with wisdom. Something within reach of only a few. This knowledge is not easy to obtain. It requires taste curiosity, persistence and a desire to transcend the passing of time. Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 is the fruit of one of these scarce wisdoms. From the Alvarez family, who with exquisite taste created, in Santiago de Cuba, almost 150 years ago, a sophisticated and personal rum which nowadays is the favorite reference of the most demanding connaisseurs around the world.

Matusalem Insolito Wine Cask

Specially selected white rums matured for an additional 3 years in single use wine casks (ex-Tempranillo). Resulting prudict is then married with a core base of the Matusalem Solera Blender used in the flagship quality Gran Reserva 15. The final blend has a unique delicate aroma of red fruits, nuts, butter & light wood.

Matusalem Platino

Time doesn’t stop moving forward, and shapes change with it. New trends, new points of view and new creations happen every day at a dizzying pace. Sometimes at such a pace that it doesn’t allow us to appreciate the quality of a job well done.The attention that Matusalem applies to this rum isn’t exactly a fast process: allowed to settle for 18 months within a Solera system, and subsequently carbon filtered in order to leave it almost transparent....