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La Fabrique Boule de Neige

One of our flagship products for the end of year celebrations, "Boule de Neige" (Snowball) combines greediness, originality and incomparable visual effect. One of our favorites that will delight your guests! This recipe is made with ripe fruits, carefully selected spices and AOC Martinique agricultural rum, for a tasting experience rich in flavors.

La Fabrique Ice Storm Ginger Menthe

This original preparation blends fresh mint, sweet ginger and long Java pepper for a pleasant and intense sensation of freshness.

La Fabrique N°12 Vanille - Macadamia

This seductive macadamia nut maceration with praline and bourbon vanilla flavours has become a classic among 'rhums arrangés'. You will be delighted by the originality and sweetness of the delicious recipe!

La Fabrique N°2 Ananas - Citron Vert

A perfect combination of the sweetness and generosity of Victoria pineapple and the tonicity of lime notes.

La Fabrique N°4 Fruit de la Passion - Hibiscus

Simple and delicious, this preparation blends the fruity and acidic aromas of passion fruit with the floral notes of hibiscus in a perfect balance. A real favourite!

La Fabrique N°5 Mangue - Abricot - Thym

The bewitching balance of this score will delight you. The roundness of the Kent mango and the sweetness of the dried apricot are enhanced by a hint of thyme flower.