List of products by brand COMPAGNIE DES INDES

Compagnie des Indes Barbagaya Small Batch 14Y - 43%

Barbagaya is Compagnie des Indes’ third small batch after the Dominidad and Veneragua. It results from a blend of 2 casks: one from Barbados from the Foursquare distillery, and the other from Guyana from the Diamond distillery. Both were distilled in April 2007 and aged just under 40% in Europe. The blending took place in April 2021 in our warehouse.

Compagnie des Indes Boulet de Canon N° 10

For its tenth edition, our Boulet de canon is hitting hard! BOOM!
Resulting from the ageing of our usual Boulet de canon blend (Nicaragua and Panama) in Six Quarter casks (quarter casks of a Butt = 125 Litres) from a very famous Islay distillery. These casks underwent the same smoking process as did the Boulet de canon N°5 casks. Indeed, we sent these 6 casks to be smoked in a Tuyé (Jura Morteau sausage smokehouse) for 2 months before pouring the rum for a 6-month finish in the closed barrels.

Compagnie des Indes Fiji Secrete Cask 10Y - 44 %

Fiji is a great producer of sugar cane and therefore molasses (89,384.00 tons in 2018). A great part is exported but a part is used by the sole distillery of the island in order to produce rum in pot stills. These Fiji rums have a distinctive nose, powerful with spices.

Compagnie des Indes Jamaica Clarendon 8Y - 59.4 %

The Clarendon distillery lies in the south of the island Jamaica at St. Catherine’s Town. The rum has been made from local molasses since the 18th century.