Absinthe La Fee Tasting + Spoon (6 sets 2 x 5 cl)

Two mignonettes (Absinthe La fée Blanche & Absinthe La fée Parisienne) and an absinthe spoon for a lovely discovery.

Tasting notes of La fée Blanche

Fine, sublte. Star anise and spearmint are the first scents that come to mind. With freshness, it evolves on liquorice and absinthe. Particularly aromatic and balanced, notes of fennel make their appearance. With water, it reveals fresh fruit (quince, apple), citrus fruits (orange, andarin). It evokes an almond liqueur.
Seductive in its frankness and full-bodied character. Warm spices (cinnamon, cumin, star anise) and aromatic plants (bay leaf, infused mint) are intimately linked to notes of eucalyptus and grated ginger. The absinthe leaves literally spill out of the glass.
Long tender. Medicinal (cough drops), it reveals new spices (nutmeg, saffron). Airy, it diffuses an exquisite scent of orange blossom. Earthy, it develops gentian root and ginseng. Therapeutic, it offers cordial notes of juniper berries. The after taste concentrates on medicinal plants and the empty glass is delicately powdered.

Tasting notes of La fée Parisienne


The first nose oscillates between liquorice, star anise and aromatic plants (thyme, oregano). With water, it opens up to notes of white mint and peppermint.
The palate is finely liquoriced. Coriander, star anise and ginger form its warming core.
The finish is delicately smoky and roasted (tobacco).


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