Tequila Exotico Reposado

Exotico Reposado is a premium tequila made from 100% blue agave, originating from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.
Aged for six months in white oak barrels that previously held bourbon, this tequila offers a unique sensory experience that elevates the standards of quality and refinement.
Carefully crafted by the Exotico distillery, owned by the Gonzalez family, this tequila embodies traditional Mexican craftsmanship with a modern touch to satisfy the most discerning palates.


NOSE: The aroma of Exotico Reposado Tequila is a captivating blend of vanilla, dried fruits, and spices, with a woody and subtly smoky finish. Hints of caramel and black pepper add extra depth to this rich aromatic profile.

PALATE: On the palate, this tequila reveals a harmonious complexity with flavors of vanilla, dried fruits, and spices, perfectly blending with notes of caramel and cinnamon. The presence of black pepper provides a slight spicy touch, balanced by a subtle sweetness.

FINISH: The finish is smooth and lingering, marked by nuances of oak and vanilla, along with delicate accents of caramel and cinnamon. This refined finish leaves a lasting impression, inviting another sip.


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