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Rhum Bologne Bio

This rum was elaborated from sugar canes resulting from plots led in organic farming. In ti-punch with an organic lemon or in mixology for cocktails) 100% organic.

Rhum Bologne Black Cane + Etui

Dry, as a lemon "ti punch" or homemade fruit punch, with or without ice.

Rhum Bologne Canne Noire Le Distillat

The Bologna distillery is the only one that continues to plant the black cane. This powerful and well-balanced rum is best enjoyed neat. Let it air for a few minutes in the glass and oxygenate for a good opening.

Rhum Bologne Old Black Cane + Etui

Black cane is part of the DNA of Bologna, a variety forgotten by distillers.

The Old Black Cane cuvée has been aged for 3 to 6 years.

To be enjoyed dry, with or without ice.

Rhum Bologne Silver

A flavour and aroma enhancer, ideal for mixes, cocktails and long drinks. Can also be enjoyed as a fresh fruit ti punch for lovers of lighter rums.